“Skylights”: Balm for the Eyes and Ears

Research can be fun, boring, illuminating, exasperating, you-name-it—just like the rest of life. Sometimes it delivers more than you expect.

That’s what happened when I was researching guitarist/composer Andy Othling for my
“Tiempo” column in Albuquerque The Magazine. Othling quit a perfectly respectable job at
Sandia Lab to make a living playing music, and I’ll tell you how that suspect decision turned out in the April issue.

For now, I’d like to share an unexpected encounter with the universe that I had in the course of my research: Skylights. It’s a time-lapse video of New Mexico skies composed by Othling’s
photographer friend Knate Myers and scored by Othling.Skylights

It’s 5 minutes and 39 seconds long. I recommend that you set aside some time to view it when you won’t be interrupted, and watch it full-screen. If you can manage headphones for the music, that won’t hurt any, either.

Photo by Knate Myers.

© 2013 Mel Minter. All rights reserved.

4 thoughts on ““Skylights”: Balm for the Eyes and Ears

    1. Mel Post author

      So nice to hear from you, Suzanne. I hope you and yours are well. Pretty amazing, no? When I was moving back to NM, someone I knew in NYC said to me, “What for? What’s out there?” “Out there is what’s out there,” I should have answered. I wish I had his e-mail address to send him that video. But sights like these are exactly why I came back, along with green chile, a more simpático pace of life, and the smell of piñon in the air. Love and kisses.

  1. Rick DiZenzo

    Stunning! Do yourself a favor . . . slow down . . . turn off your cell phone . . . relax your racing, inattentive mind and watch this uninterrupted, . . . all 5 minutes and 39 seconds long . . . full-screen and headphones . . . no need for wine or narcotics either! Breathe!


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