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Noah Kite Brings Fine New Album to Corrales

Noah Kite (right) with Laura Gershman

There is nothing sophomoric about singer/songwriter Noah Kite’s self-titled sophomore release. Deftly orchestrating eight songs that he built and often performs solo on an acoustic guitar, Kite has made a giant leap forward from his first release, Light by Light. Focused primarily on the complications of romantic relationships, the digital album Noah Kite excavates, with an admirable emotional honesty and wallop, the pain, accusations, self-recriminations, and disbelief left in their wake. He and English horn/oboe player Laura Gershman, who makes signal contributions to the album, are touring in support of it and will appear in a house concert at Frame-N-Art in Corrales on March 12.

(Full disclosure: Noah Kite is our godson, and the album really is impressive.) Continue reading

CD Release Party Promises a Double Dose of hONEyhoUSe Live

hONEyhoUSe: Yvonne Perea, Mandy Buchanan, Hillary Smith

On February 19 at the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center, the magical trio hONEyhoUSe—Mandy Buchanan, Yvonne Perea, and Hillary Smith—will celebrate the release of their live album, Raw Honey. It’s a double shot of hONEyhoUSe love: a live concert, all but guaranteed to lift the spirit and open the heart, and a new album that captures the special energy of their live performances and cements their standing as one of the finest singing/songwriting groups in the country today. Continue reading

Roger Jameson Puts Classic Rock on Classic Format

Roger Jameson

Roger Jameson

Thh-ip fffffff . . . Needle drop, the punctuation to your anticipation. The once-familiar sound, all but eliminated by CDs and digital files, is making something of a comeback these days. Albuquerque’s own singer/songwriter/guitarist Roger Jameson is contributing to the trend with his new release, “Big Black Bird,” backed with “Drive-In Picture Show,” on a 45-rpm heavy vinyl disc. This Friday at The County Line, he’ll celebrate its release in concert with his Jaded Heart Band—Alicia Ultan (viola), Dave Williams (keyboard, sax), Mike Fox (bass), and Mike Mangan (drums), with guest Rick Crouse (guitar, drums), who will open the evening—and he’ll even throw in a digital download card with the purchase of the vinyl. Continue reading

Guitarist Celebrates Release of Debut Album: ‘Claudio Tolousse: The Story of, Part One’

claudio-shotClaudio Tolousse: The Story of, Part One (indie) paints a portrait of the young man as an artist, or perhaps more accurately, of the young man claiming his place in the world as an artist. Its epiphanies and self-encouragements are wrapped in energetic music that pulls from soul, R&B, pop, and rock—all enlarged by a jazz sensibility, not to mention remarkable musicianship from guitarist Claudio Tolousse and his sidemen. This Friday, Tolousse will bring together musicians from New Orleans and Albuquerque to celebrate the launch of his recording career. Continue reading

Claudia Villela and Vítor Gonçalves: Alive in the Moment


Claudia Villela

Brazilian vocalist/pianist/percussionist/composer Claudia Villela possesses several gifts rarely found together in a single person: an astonishing vocal instrument, a wide-open heart, a profound sensitivity to the present moment, and the improvisational daring to follow the music wherever it may lead her. In short, she can transport an entire room of strangers to a separate, blissful reality that leaves the everyday in the dust. My advice for anyone attending her concert with Brazilian pianist/accordionist/composer Vítor Gonçalves this week at the Outpost is to be prepared for anything and to go gladly wherever she takes you. Continue reading