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Three Reviews: Trio S, To Be Continued, and Anne Vanschothorst

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New releases from Trio S, To Be Continued, and Anne Vanschothorst wander off the beaten path. Continue reading

New Releases from Carol Liebowitz/Nick Lyons and Maryanne de Prophetis

Fearless improvisation hallmarks two new releases: First Set, from pianist Carol Liebowitz and saxophonist Nick Lyons, and Tell a Star, from vocalist Maryanne de Prophetis. Continue reading

The Interlace Concerts, Part 3: Bill Payne and Carol Liebowitz’s ‘Movie Music’

Carol Liebowitz and Bill Payne.

Carol Liebowitz and Bill Payne. Photo by Cheryl Richards. Courtesy of Carol Liebowitz.

Clarinetist Bill Payne and pianist Carol Liebowitz found their way to pianist Connie Crothers along completely different but equally serendipitous paths, which crossed, metaphorically at least, in Crothers’ studio. Their album Payne Lindal Liebowitz (New Artists Records, 2015), on which they are joined by violinist Eva Lindal, testifies to their preternaturally acute ears and their remarkable ability to collaborate on spontaneous compositions whose expressiveness and coherence equal that of any written work. Continue reading

Interlace I and II: Prelude

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Top: Kazzrie Jaxen and Virg Dzurinko; middle: Carol Liebowitz; bottom: Bill Payne and Mark Weber.

This is the first of four posts on two upcoming concerts—Interlace I and II—taking place at the Outpost and featuring the Kazzrie Jaxen Quartet (pianist Jaxen, saxophonist Charley Krachy, bassist Don Messina, and drummer Bill Chattin), pianist Virg Dzurinko, pianist Carol Liebowitz, clarinetist Bill Payne, and poet Mark Weber.

All of the musicians come out of the Lennie Tristano school, having studied with Tristano and/or his students, as did Weber. He’s the driving force behind these concerts. He’s been working for years to get all these folks together in Albuquerque, and he and his wife, Janet Simon, are sponsoring the events. Continue reading