I’ve been writing about music professionally since 2000, starting with Sonicnet, a short-lived
Internet site that apparently paid too well to survive. I’ve written reviews and feature articles
for the national magazine Offbeat, which focuses on the music of Louisiana; for two
alternative weeklies in Albuquerque, the now-defunct (not my fault) Crosswinds and the
ongoing Weekly Alibi. Since 2004, in Albuquerque The Magazine, I have authored a monthly
column that focuses on the lively local music scene here, trying to push one of the city’s
best-kept secrets out into the open.

In the course of my work, I’ve had the honor of interviewing and writing about many well-
respected musicians, including Sonny Rollins, Wynton Marsalis, Luciana Souza, Chris
Smither, Rahim Al Haj, Tom McDermott, Evan Christopher, Omar Sosa, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Tommy Emmanuel, Cedric Watson, Bill Frisell, Benjamin Herman, Maria de Barros,
Christopher Bleckinsop (17 Hippies), Zakir Hussain, Amjad Ali Khan, and Eric Vloeimans, to
drop a few names.

My credentials are simple: I’m an avid listener with a passion for music that moves me, a
regard for those who create it, and a curiosity about how they do it.

I hope I can add somehing to your appreciation of music.

Thanks for listening— Mel Minter

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  1. Richard Tabnik

    i am a jazz alto saxophonist who studied with Connie Crothers for more than 20 years and was the saxophonist in her band for decades. How would i submit cd’s for your consideration? please reply at

  2. Robert Danielson

    Hello Mel,

    Since I discovered your blog I’ve discovering some new-to-me original music bands. Thanks.

    My band Alchemie will be performing next Saturday, February 27th at the Albuquerque Museum, starting at 2pm. We are a two piece that at times sounds like a 5 piece band. Most of our material is ORIGINAL.

    We’d love for you to come to the concert and review the band. If I had your email I’d be able to send you a link to our audio and an events calendar.

    I’ll be featured in the March issue of Albuquerque The Magazine, “Adam Tries It” column.

    Bright Moments,

    Robert Danielson of Alchemie

    1. Robert Danielson

      Hi Mel,

      Since I wrote to you last February about our ABQ Museum concert Alchemie has gained a lot of traction in Albuquerque. Our initial show was at a ritzy Italian restaurant on Central Ave. last October. 9 months later we perform at the Sunport Airport, Hyatt Regency Tamaya, Hotel Andaluz, Oniell’s,….. venues large and small. Here’s my point. Alchemie’s music is nearly all originals yet were working with venues that typically hire only cover bands. We are a two piece band, Keyboard, Drums, and both of us sing. We take a symphonic approach to composing and performing. That can mean many things but one important approach is “just because you’re on stage, sitting at your instrument, doesn’t mean you should be playing it. What does the song require?” I invite you to come listen to a pop/rock band, run by two classical music enthusiasts.
      Bright moments,
      Robert Danielson

      1. Mel Post author

        Hi, Robert— I can understand that you might think I’ve forgotten you, but I haven’t. You are definitely on my radar. You might want to add me to your email list if you have one so that I can stay up-to-date on your appearances. I’ll send you my address offline. Thanks.

    1. Mel Post author

      This is great news, Fred. I will get the word out even if I cannot do a piece on it. Best to you and Federico.

  3. Cali Shaw

    Hey Mel,

    I have a new album coming out next month with a fun CD release party at the Outpost on Oct. 24th.
    Would love to get you a copy and some info for review consideration.
    Please let me know the best way to get that to you.

    Cali Shaw

  4. anne vanschothorst

    hi Mel ! my compliments for your wonderful site ; you give musicians another audience by writing articles and reviews .. that is huge. My name is Anne Vanschothorst, i am a harpist/composer from the netherlands. recently i have published a new CD and i was wondering if it would be possible to have my it reviewed by Musically Speaking. I hope to hear from you. All the best .. with music &love – Anne

    1. Mel Post author

      Hi, Anne– Thanks for your kind words. I’d love to hear your CD. I can’t promise that I will review it, but I do promise to listen. I’ll respond offline with contact info. Best– M

  5. Nick Baker

    Dear Mel,

    Thanks for all your articles here and in ABQ The Mag. I appreciate your work.

    I want to let you know about a show that Baracutanga is putting on with Pandemonium and the Odara Dance ensemble for Brazilian Independence Day at the Sister Bar, September 5. If you are interested, I will send more information.


    1. Mel Post author

      Hey, Nick– Thanks for the appreciation. I am interested, and I will contact you offline. –Mel

    1. Mel Post author

      No, thank you, Rhoda. Rhoda and Lesley at Rolling R Productions produced a wonderful video press kit on hONEyhoUSe that anyone who has never seen the band live is well advised to check out. It was an honor to be asked to take part in the project, and I hope that both the band and Rolling R reap a bountiful reward for their work. You can reach Rolling R Productions at 505-268-8341 and toll-free at 877-255-3270, or at http://www.rollingrproductions.com.

  6. Todd Tijerina

    Hi Mel, et al,

    I am soon to release my 6th CD and am writing to inquire about a review. Might that be a possibility at Musically Speaking? Thanks for all you do to support indie music!

    Todd Tijerina 505/610-7025

  7. Barb (Hamilton) Maxey

    Hi Mel,

    Melissa gave me your website address several months ago when I was in her office (with my mom, Phyllis Hamilton). My new cd, Zamar, is finally finished–the actual cd’s are scheduled to arrive tomorrow from Diskmakers. But, I have most of the songs from Zamar uploaded on my website (www.reverbnation.com/barbhamiltonmaxey) and for sale on CDBaby. So, if you would like to take a listen, that would be great. Phil Keaggy, guest artist, is on Day by Day. Through the last 24 bars of the song, we trade guitar solo’s–which was really fun! 🙂

    Thank you for listening! Hope you like it!

    Barb Hamilton Maxey

  8. Dwight Loop

    Hi Mel: An event I would like you to check out, I’m putting on in Budaghers, Oct. 19th. . A celebration of New Music/Electronic/Experimental/Spoken Word….and the new streaming music channel “Earwaves” on http://www.somafm.com/earwaves from San Francisco. Long-time New Mexico radio host of the original program on KUNM and KSFR in the 70s, 80s and 90s. Any reviews for local publications are encouraged! Great blog! Thanks.

    Press Release:

    “Earwaves on SomaFM – Grand Opening Event” in Budaghers, NM at Lumenscape Studios
    Where: 601 Frontage Rd. Budaghers, NM. (former New Mexico Outlet Center)
    Saturday, October 19th, 2013
    4 p.m. – 2 a.m.

    For interviews: please contact: 415-889-0035 (Dwight@DwightLoop.com) or rusty@somafm.com for Rusty Hodge at SomaFM.

    Celebrating the opening on http://www.SomaFM.com of one of New Mexico’s most innovative radio programs in history to an international audience, the “Earwaves” radio program with host Dwight Loop – will be an evening of experimental, electronic and new music artists, video art and sound installations from New Mexico artists and beyond.

    Presented by Lumenscape Studios and Rubicon Arts, “Earwaves on SomaFM” will present artists from the New Mexico area, many of whom appeared on the original “Earwaves” radio program!

    The new “Earwaves” streaming channel appears with 20-plus other SomaFM mobile apps as well as streaming live at http://www.SomaFM.com from its San Francisco, CA home. Other channels on SomaFM include the very popular “Drone Zone,” and “Groove Salad,” two of the most listened to streaming channels on the Net. SomaFM, founded by noted public radio music programmer Rusty Hodge, is a listener-funded, non-commercial streaming music network based in San Francisco. All SomaFM channels are available on iTunes and other Internet streaming portals.

    “Earwaves” originated on KUNM-FM in Albuquerque, running from 1979-1986. Then, moving on to KSFR-FM in Santa Fe from 1990-1995. “Earwaves” on SomaFM will feature a historical presentation of new and experimental music dating from the early pioneers to present innovators. Categories of music art covered include: electronic, electro-acoustic, 20th and 21st Century classical music, new music, performance art, spoken word, progressive art-rock and other mutant art-music forms.
    Dwight also was founder of New Music New Mexico, Inc. from 1980-1996

    Artists are still being added (more to come):
    Martian Funk Ensemble (Albuquerque)
    Rampant Egos (Arnold Bodmer, Justin Parker, Dwight Loop)
    SpaceBrane (California)
    Tom McVeety (Albuquerque)
    Michael Kott and CelloCosmos (Santa Fe)
    Dwight Loop (Santa Fe)
    Larry Goodell (Albuquerque)
    Mark Weaver (Albuquerque)
    Installation Artists: in the Dome Room: David Dunn (Santa Fe)
    Video Art by Santa Fe’s Steina & Woody Visulka
    Lynn Augstein “Helios” (light art projections)

    Three rooms: Dome Room, Main Stage, and Theater Stage

    Tickets: $10 advance at Hold My Ticket
    Door: $15

    1. Mel Post author

      Thanks for the info, Dwight. I saw Justin last week—I think it was at the Brian Haas concert at The Roost. He told me you were back in the area, and it’s good to know you’re active. I’ll get back to you on this. Keep well.

  9. Michael Dellheim

    Hi Mel:

    I very much enjoy your site, and share your passion for music that moves me. As the Program Director of Santa Fe Bandstand, I just wanted to make contact regarding our nine-week summer music series from Santa Fe’s historic downtown Plaza. We’ve worked hard to assemble a diverse lineup this year. Just want to be sure you knew about us. More info at http://www.santafebandstand.org.

    Keep up the good work!


  10. Diana Danailova

    Dear Mel,
    My name is Diana Danailova and I’m the artist representative of Bulgarian impressionistic/chamber modern jazz guitarist/composer Hristo Vitchev.
    Referred by the media as one of the newest and most innovative voices in jazz guitar, Hristo’s music has been captivating audiences all across the globe. At only age 31 he has already released 4 critically acclaimed albums as a leader plus two more releases as a co-leader. As JazzTimes magazine describes his music: “Vitchev’s sophisticated and adventurous work is imbued with shimmering harmonies and lyrical improvisations.”
    “Vitchev’s multihued compositions are like impressionistic sound paintings.” – JAZZIZ
    Digital Jazz News says: “Hristo Vitchev may be one of the best kept secrets in jazz today. He is the epitome of sonic gold.”


    We just released Hristo’s 5th record as a leader – “Familiar Fields” and I wanted to see if you will have the interest to receive a copy of the record for review.

    Hristo Vitchev has toured nationally and internationally and has performed in some of the best jazz clubs and festivals in the world. Including Yoshi’s Jazz Club (Oakland, CA), Catalina Jazz Club (Hollywood, CA), Bach and Dynamite (Half Moon Bay, CA), Kuumbwa Jazz Center (Santa Cruz, CA), Ivories Jazz Club (Portland, OR), SOhO Jazz Club (Santa Barbara, CA), AT&T San Jose Jazz Festival, Okazaki Jazz Festival (JAPAN), and the prestigious MONTEREY JAZZ FESTIVAL to name a few. He has also done extensive touring of Japan and Europe.

    To read press reviews and to keep up to date with the latest news about the record please visit the Media & Press page at my official website at: http://www.hristovitchev.com

    From the entire team at FOS Music we thank you for your time and attention and look forward to hearing back from you.


    Diana Danailova
    (Artist Representative – FOSM)
    First Orbit Sounds Music

    1. Mel Post author

      Hi, Diana– Nice to hear from you. I’ll contact you offline, but I thought readers on the website might be interested in your news, so I’ve posted your comment.

  11. E. Christina Herr

    Hello, Mel,
    I enjoyed your review of Honeyhouse.
    I had a bit of a puzzle figuring out your name as it’s only mentioned at the bottom of your stories?
    thanks for a thoughtful review,

    1. Mel Post author

      Hi back, Christina. Thanks for your message. I’m glad you enjoyed the piece. Since my name can be found on the About page and in the URL and since I’m the only one writing on this site, I don’t bother putting my name at the top of every story. Maybe I should, just to be clear. Again, thanks for your comment.


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